I think I’ve mentioned that I’m not a Christian, though there’s one Christian out there whose message I really love.

That man is Rob Bell.

Bell has been becoming popular lately. Particularly for his most recent book “Love Wins”. Many fundamentalist Christians do not like Bell because they believe he is a Christian universalist. Bell believes and teaches that God will eventually save everyone, because God loves everyone.

A few years ago, Bell put out a series of very short films that he stars in and directed called NOOMA (after the Greek word for soul “pneuma”). They each have a message related to Bell’s perspective on Christianity, and they’re beautiful and well-done.  They all speak about God’s love for people.

I don’t agree entirely with the message since I am not a Christian and I do not believe in the Bible as the “Word of God”. However, I adore that there’s someone who is trying to get out the message that God LOVES everyone.  I believe strongly in this.

The NOOMA videos can be found on YouTube. They’re generally about 10-12 minutes a piece

Here are some:

Check them out!






~ by R.M. McGrath on 08/21/2011.

3 Responses to “NOOMA”

  1. I love the Rob Bell videos. My church played the megaphone one during a service a few months ago, and I was so interested I went online and watched them all. Great stuff.

    No wonder the fundamentalists can’t stand him. The word “ecumenical” might as well be a swear word to them.


  2. Awesome! I think it’s great that there are churches playing these videos!!
    If you don’t mind my curiosity, what denomination?


  3. Not at all. I go to Southland Christian Church, which is affectionately referred to as “Six Flags Over Jesus” because it’s kind of big.

    I honestly never thought I’d go to a so-called mega church, but after I visited it, I realized that the reason it’s getting so big is that a lot of people see something really worthwhile in it.

    I mean, they don’t use your tithe to buy the pastor a Caddy or whatever. They’re funding a clinic in the Congo for rape victims; they run a medical clinic right here in town that provides free medical and dental care to the poor. They really take the “loving ALL people” thing seriously, and I love that.


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