Religion and Diet

Ever since I read about it some years ago, I’ve been intrigued by the measurably healthy difference between Seventh-Day Adventists and the general American public.

It’s said that the SDAs are some of the longest lived people in the world right up there with the Okinawans and the Sardinians.

Yet, here they are in America, among some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Obviously, their strict diet has a lot to do with their health.

Here’s a breakdown on the SDA diet.

First off, they keep Kosher. So, those who eat meat avoid things like pork or shellfish. Secondly, many SDAs are ovo-lacto vegetarians. Some are even vegans.

Third, they avoid alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine.

Fourth, they stress a diet of natural foods, high in nuts and beans and whole grains.

Perhaps more religions in the West should be stressing a healthy diet.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 09/30/2011.

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