Please pass the bigotry gravy and the infidel stuffing…

So, through, I read this article.

A woman is complaining about how Butterball turkeys are halal. That is, they’re blessed by a Muslim imam and OK for Muslims to eat.

This batshit crazy woman seems to think that killing turkeys in accordance with halal guidelines is cruel. Which is odd because she’s Jewish and the halal method is pretty much the same thing as Kosher, only in Arabic and with Muslim prayers, instead of Hebrew.

She also claims that it’s an example of creeping Muslim supremacy.  Correct me if I’m wrong but if you replace all instances of “Muslim” in her blog post with “Jew” and “halal” with “Kosher”, it sounds an awful lot like some of the anti-Semitic screeds that were common 60 years ago.



~ by R.M. McGrath on 11/23/2011.

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