Creation Spirituality and the Cosmic Mass

In the middle of a discussion on on boring UU services,  someone posted something that really blew my mind.


It’s a spiritual community in Asheville, NC, called Jubilee that looks amazing. It has the same values as UUism which I love, but with heavy influence from “creation spirituality”.  A term that, surprisingly, I had not encountered before.

Creation Spirituality was developed by a guy named Matthew Fox who was a Dominican for years until he was kicked out of the church by Cardinal Ratzinger (Now Pope Benedict) for his unorthodox writings.

I like this guy already…

It teaches that instead of original sin, there was “original blessing”.  A concept which I find to be beautiful.

You can read more detail on Creation Spirituality in the Matthew Fox Wikipedia entry I linked above.

Then, in researching Matthew Fox, I found out that he puts on something called the “Cosmic Mass” as part of Creation Spirituality. This is essentially a religious ritual/rave.

Here is a 15 minute video featuring the Cosmic Mass.

I like this idea quite a bit and would love to experience a Cosmic Mass myself. However, I think it’s mostly a West Coast/California thing. I’m unsure whether a rave can be a religious experience (at least without taking ecstasy). But I like the idea of it.

And, for fuck’s sake, it’s gotta be more exciting than damn near any other religious service. I am so thoroughly bored in UU services.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 12/10/2011.

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