I have to wonder if the Bible itself, rather than being a source of Truth, has become itself an idol. A distraction. A false God that people put their faith into, rather than in God and God’s love.

When people put their faith into the words of Paul or James or Luke or John or any of these writers, it’s marveling at the beauty of the finger pointing at the moon, rather than the moon itself.

Fundamentalism is, thus, a form of idolatry.  The worship of a text over God.

I realize that most Christians believe that the Bible was written or directly inspired by God, and thus cannot be a form of idolatry, but I don’t believe that.

The Bible was written by men. Individual people trying to understand God and God’s creation. It should be taken in that context. Paul didn’t write his Epistles for them to be considered “The Word of God”.  They are merely Paul’s beliefs and opinions and should be taken as such. Other than John, no one really knows what Revelation means. (And he may not have known himself.) So, why should it be Holy Scripture?

Even the Gospels are not entirely reliable. As such, reliance on these words is idolatrous. Rely on God, instead. Put your faith in love and compassion for others. You cannot go wrong by putting your faith in love and compassion for others. For there, you’ll find God.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 01/24/2012.

2 Responses to “Idolatry”

  1. Used falsely…I think is better. i find much wisdom and peace in the bible…even if my “religion” of choice is Buddhism. I find much truth in the bible, and I often find it when I need it the most.


  2. I disagree, nautee. Because there’s just so much in the Bible that can be interpreted any which way or used to justify damned near anything.

    Though it can definitely be used as a source for wisdom, particularly the teachings of Jesus. It can also be used to justify bigotry, misogyny, and all sorts of crazy stuff.


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