Higher Ground

Rented “Higher Ground” today.

It’s a film about a woman who embraces a particular Protestant Christian sect, becomes born again, and then later falls out of faith, somewhat, disillusioned by problems with her husband and the illness of a close friend.

It was very well done and kept me interested.  What I liked about it was that it did not show Christianity in a negative light, but it did show the protagonist’s issues with doubt and feeling abandoned by God.

All too often, when Christianity is in movies at all, it’s shown negatively. Particularly American Protestantism. They’re typically shown only as rabid fundamentalists. That wasn’t the case here.

Still, given the difficulties the woman has with faith, I’m not sure it’s something a Christian audience would admit to appreciating, though I imagine many will be able to relate to it.





~ by R.M. McGrath on 01/25/2012.

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