Mt. Athos

As many of my longtime friends and readers know, monks, nuns and monasteries are a major interest of mine.

If I belonged to a religion that had monastics, I would probably be one. I love the idea of devoting one’s life to God and living communally.

I really enjoyed this 60 Minutes segment on Mt. Athos, the ancient Greek Orthodox mountain full of monasteries. Life there is like it was 1000 years ago. Just monks praying ceaselessly, living communally, chanting, eating healthy foods.

However, women are not allowed on Mt. Athos. Which would make me very sad, even if I resigned myself to a life of celibacy. I can’t imagine life without women. Nor would I want to.

Part 1 of the 60 Minutes piece.

Part 2.





~ by sacredblasphemies on 01/26/2012.

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