Fast food company loses religious discrimination case.

This mostly interested me because I wasn’t familiar with the Nazirites until now.

Basically, a young man working at a Taco Bell has been a Nazirite since he was 15. Nazirites are forbidden from cutting their hair. (Except maybe once a year.)

The Nazirites are Jewish but those who have taken a vow not to cut their hair, drink wine or have anything to do with grapes, or touch corpses or be near graves.

Samson from the Bible was a Nazirite.

So, this young man was asked to cut his hair by his boss. The young man said it was against his religion. He was fired. He sued for religious discrimination and won.

If you want to learn more about the Nazirites, Wikipedia is your friend.





~ by R.M. McGrath on 05/01/2012.

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