Mr. Rogers goes viral

Watch this.

For a while, I’ve thought that Mr. Rogers is the greatest modern-day American example of a Christian. Modest, kind, loved children, tried to make the world a better place by teaching kids compassion, tolerance, and understanding.

He was a devout Christian but didn’t talk about God or Jesus. His message was for all kids, not just Christians.  He wanted all kids to be tolerant, to be fair, to be kind.

He’s our modern-day St. Francis. No stigmata. No miracles. Just a humble follower of Christ.

Sometimes we can look at people like Jesus or Francis of Assisi and feel like they lived in a completely different world than we do today.

Fred Rogers shows us how we can be better people in THIS world, in THIS society.

He didn’t hold himself up as some paragon of virtue. He didn’t preach. He simply led by example.  He didn’t set out to be a saint. He lived a virtuous life, which is not as easy as it sounds. It is no simple feat.

I’ve yet to read about anyone that knew Fred Rogers personally that thought he was a terrible person. Or that he wasn’t who he claimed to be.  I’m impressed by that.


~ by sacredblasphemies on 06/08/2012.

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