Houses of the Holy

As some of you know, I moved to Boston at the beginning of this month. It’s a beautiful location in one of the oldest parts of Boston. There is a lot of history all around.

One of my longtime interests has been to spend time in churches. To pray, to be alone with God. I feel at home in God’s home. I especially love small chapels but I love large ornate old churches as well. The denomination or religion doesn’t really matter. I’m not Christian but since the majority of churches and places of worship in this country are Christian, I usually end up in Christian houses of worship.

There are several such old ornate churches near me within a mile’s walk. I’ve been spending the past few days visiting them. It’s a sort of a pilgrimage, or at least the closest I can get to one here.

It’s interesting to see these beautiful 150-200 year old churches. Some of them are quite ornate. I especially loved the Church of the Covenant, which had original Tiffany stained glass and electric chandelier.

I love to find God in these places. But some, particularly Park Street Church and King’s Chapel, beautiful and of historical significance as they are, seemed more like museums that a house of worship to me.

Others looked beautiful from the outside, but charged admission to get in.

I have little use for houses of worship that I could not pray in. Either due to not having the money or because they were more museum than House of God. It makes me feel more like a tourist than a pilgrim, and I don’t like feeling like a tourist. I’m not here to consume but to commune.

~ by sacredblasphemies on 07/20/2012.

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