So, in this article, we see a bunch of people going crazy about Muslims in Tennessee.

“Lee Douglas, a dentist just south of Nashville and an anti-Shariah activist, points to the Muslim woman hired in Tennessee’s economic development office as evidence of an “infiltration” of Islam in government. Douglas helped draft a resolution criticizing the governor and Islam. A version of the document has been signed by a growing list of GOP executive committees, from rural counties to the state’s wealthiest.”

So a Muslim woman can’t even have a government job now? Seriously? That’s not bigotry or anything, right?

“By stopping this now, we’re going to save ourselves a lot of difficulty in the future,” he says.

Er, um… what?

“Douglas believes Islam is diametrically opposed to his faith.

“I don’t want anybody to persecute any religion including Islam, but we have a duty as Americans to understand that they intend to take us over and compel us to become Islamic,” Douglas says.

Some people would say the same thing about fundamentalist Christianity, y’know….

The First Amendment may provide the freedom to practice all religions, but, according to Douglas, the “government is showing a deference and is accommodating one single religion — Islam, Shariah,” he says.”

OK, shariah isn’t even a religion. So you have no idea of what you’re talking about. Also, how is government showing deference and is accommodating only one single religion, and that religion is Islam? What world does this person live in??

“Douglas says deference should be shown to the religion of the country’s Founding Fathers.”

Er, Deism?

“Instead, Douglas sees the Justice Department making sure a mosque in nearby Murfreesboro could open despite legal challenges.”

Why shouldn’t people be allowed to open a mosque in Murfreesboro? It’s a free country and Muslims have the right to practice their religion like anyone else.

The scary part is that this person is college-educated. He’s a dentist. Well, that and the other scary part is that this person’s vote counts…and there are others that think the same way he does.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 09/03/2012.

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