A Call For Peace

A few months ago, an article was published in a prominent Pagan political blog that has been a catalyst for great dissent among the Pagan blogosphere.

Lately, the tone over the past few months is one where Pagans are interpreting each others’ blog posts (correctly or incorrectly) as threats to their lives. Instead of focusing on what we have in common, we are dividing ourselves by politics and accusations.

I am no one of importance in the Pagan community but as a Pagan, a self-identified polytheist, and a blogger, I’m calling for a more civil tone amongst ourselves. Let’s stop with the accusations, the rhetoric, the finger-pointing, the insults, and make peace.

Not too long ago, the polytheist movement was gaining prominence and I fear we’ve been sidetracked by this nonsense.

I don’t care who started it or why. We may have different gods and goddesses that we worship but we must co-exist.

~ by sacredblasphemies on 05/11/2016.

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