My heart grieves for the tragedy in Orlando.

This isn’t a time for your politics. There can be a time for that.

But mourning the dead should take priority. There are fifty dead people. Their families and loved ones are grieving.

The finger-pointing and politicizing I’ve been seeing over this atrocity (from both sides) is ghastly.

The Saturday before the tragedy, we celebrated Pride here in Boston. I spent the day visiting the booths in City Hall Plaza. There were several different religions represented: Hare Krishnas, a LGBT Catholic group, a Japanese Buddhist group, Metropolitan Community Church, some Episcopal groups, the UUs, of course…even the local chapter of The Satanic Temple.

I wondered then why there wasn’t any sort of Pagan presence. We’re one of the most LGBT-friendly religions on the planet!

Then after the tragedy that night, I had wished that there was a place where we could gather together as a community to grieve, to remember, to pay tribute before our gods.

Yes, there are our individual home shrines. Yes, the gods are there. But sometimes I need community. Sometimes I don’t want to have to grieve or suffer alone.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 06/16/2016.

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