The thing I’m discovering with the ADF material is that I’m not really all that interested in Indo-European religion.

While I do have some interest in particular deities in some religions that are derived from IE cultures, by and large, the forced reconstruction of IE religion doesn’t interest me.

Especially when it comes to Indian religion. As readers here know, I love Indian religion. But IE Indian religion is pretty much Vedism. I’m not really interested in Vedism. I’m more interested in the non-Vedic aspects of Indian religion.

Yes, Rudra is linked to Shiva but a large part of today’s Shaivism is not Vedic. Shaktism is not Vedic. My beloved Sri Ganesha is not Vedic. The Tantras are not Vedic.

All of the cool shit in Indian religion (other than perhaps fire-worship and soma, whatever the hell it might be) is not Vedic.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 07/31/2016.

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