Pagan Atheism, Animism, and Non-Theists.

As some of you may know, I tend to ‘hang out’ on /r/pagan over at reddit.

While I generally agree with the mindset there that a Pagan subreddit should be about Paganism (we tend to attract a lot of people asking about New Age stuff or crystals and other things that have little to do with Paganism), where I disagree with the subreddit (and with some Pagans) is where they stand on non-theist Paganism.

Basically, the mods are opposed to the idea of non-theists being Pagan. This includes pantheists or animists as well as Pagan atheists like John Halstead (who got into several arguments in /r/Pagan as a result of this stance, which he featured on his Patheos Pagan blog).

I’m all on board with the Polytheist movement. I don’t believe it’s OK for atheists to go around calling themselves polytheists. But Paganism has always sort of been a big tent that attracts a wide variety of people.

While I may take issue with extending that tent to include New Age folks (though there is often overlap with Wicca and New Age stuff), I honestly don’t see why non-theistic or atheistic nature worshippers should not be included.

Hinduism, much like Paganism, is not one religion but many different ones. There is definitely room for nature-worshippers, non-theists, atheists, animists and all sorts under the Hindu umbrella historically and philosophically.

I use that as my model for Paganism.

While I disagree with the atheist Pagan types, I will definitely consider them to be Pagans.


~ by R.M. McGrath on 08/20/2016.

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