Shrine and Sadhana Update

I’ve slowly been developing my shrine and working on my daily sadhana.

Recently, I listened to a podcast by Irish spirituality author Lora O’Brien who was interviewing Morpheus Ravenna.

They discussed many things but what really resonated with me was Lora’s emphasis on people interested in Irish spirituality actually learning the Irish language. It was a concept I’d read before and appreciated in Alexei Kondratiev’s “The Apple Branch”.

She said (and I’m paraphrasing here) how even though the gods surely know English, it leads to a deeper understanding of the Gaelic thought process and rhythm to learn the language.

I recommend checking out the interview on YouTube, especially if you have devotions to the Morrigan.

This made me think about how I would benefit by at least making the effort to incorporate more Sanskrit into my daily worship routine with Sri Ganapati. So I’ve been doing it. I stumble frequently but I’m getting better. I feel a positive response from Sri Ganesha but I don’t get direct messages or anything like that.

Also, I’ve ordered some cotton wicks from India very cheaply to use in my ghee lamps (dipa). I had been using wicks meant for olive oil lamps by Orthodox Christians. I’m sure they’re similarly effective.

Additionally, I picked up a beautiful canvas version of the Sri Yantra for my shrine to Devi. I’ve been using Her sixteen-letter mantra in japa. It was a bit clunky at first but I think I’ve found the rhythm to it.


~ by R.M. McGrath on 09/30/2016.

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