Transgender Awareness Week

This week is Transgender Awareness Week.

It’s not something I mention often, but I would characterize myself as transgender. At least, as opposed to cisgender.

I was born with genital abnormalities that required two surgeries which have led me to suspect that I was born intersexed. Additionally, at puberty, I developed breasts. As a result of this, I’ve never really felt male, but I’ve also never really felt female. I don’t know whether I would transition to female as a result but I don’t feel comfortable being male either.

I have a deep and abiding kinship with transgendered people. One of the many reasons I was attracted to Paganism early on was that Paganism was open to LGBT people.

Third-genderedness (tritiya prakriti) is a part of ancient Hindu scripture.

Now, more than ever, with the impending Trump/Pence administration, it’s important to be mindful of the many deaths of transgendered people (either through murder or suicide). They are a very vulnerable part of our population.

We must make sure they..and their rights…are protected.

~ by sacredblasphemies on 11/14/2016.

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