It’s Not About You!

One thing that took me a long time to get over when it comes to polytheism is the concept that it isn’t about you.

This seems to be a great part of the growing cultural chasm between polytheism and Paganism and also serves to bring polytheists closer culturally to Heathens.

Paganism is very much about the person. What she/he wants. There are generally little taboos or strictures put upon the individual.

Polytheism, however, is about the gods. The gods dictate our worship, our schedule. There can be taboos.

It can also be about one’s ancestors and one’s spirits. But it’s not about you. Many who grew up Christian might have a strong negative reaction to this. Perhaps it took them a long time to be able to reclaim their sense of self due to submission to a God either they didn’t believe in or they were taught hated them.

To be honest, I still struggle with submission. It’s difficult to submit one’s own stubborn will to that of a deity. Especially if you struggle with belief.¬†But I look at all of the Christian saints, whose lives we have records of, who also struggled with their own faith, and find some inspiration from it.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 11/21/2016.

One Response to “It’s Not About You!”

  1. I think this depends in a way how we think of a religion being ‘about us.’ Most paganisms in the US seem to focus on the self via self-actualization, magic, and development of personal will to acquire personal aims. It is entirely ego driven in its mode of being all about the self. Mysticism, on the other hand, also has a focus on the self, but upon the soul, and its growth and development through union with a deity. Mystic, contemplative polytheism is so far a minority within the polytheist movement, as it tends to be a minority strain among most religions, but I think it is one keeping in mind in conversations like these, and what it can offer. It has become central to my Brighidine spiritual practice and flametending.


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