Recently, I read a post on a Pagan forum. The poster was not a Pagan but a union steward. One of the members of the union is a female Pagan who covers their head out of modesty.

The company wants her to stop wearing the headcovering. The woman claims that it’s her religion and, as such, she’s allowed to do so. However, it’s up to the steward to do the research to find out more about it so as to be able to defend her.

What bothered me was that some Pagans were actually saying that there wasn’t any grounds for this because they weren’t aware of other Pagans that do this.

Now I’m aware that within the polytheist movement, there was a further submovement for Pagan headcoverers, Pagan or polytheist women who did so as a mark of modesty and of devotion for their deity or deities.

I’m also aware that this has been popularized in the Pagan blogosphere which a great deal of Pagans who meet in groups IRL are not aware of. Hell, many of them aren’t aware of the polytheism movement at all.

It’s not like there’s a central hub where we can direct people to go to that has a blogroll of Pagan blogs and their various leanings/foci/emphases. So it’s difficult to navigate.

But the thing is that a lot of people that spend a great deal of time in or around the “Pagan blogosphere” probably don’t go to local Pagan groups. Especially the ones who are inclined towards the polytheism movement or headcovering. Because local groups tend to be Wiccan or Wiccanate in focus. I know I don’t have much to do with local Pagan groups because of that. (Every two years, I’ll go out West to PantheaCon because it’s one of the only places where I feel like I’m with “my people” but outside of that, I’ve had a really difficult time finding Pagan community that has a similar approach/values.)

But all of that aside, I bring this up because I am frustrated 1. that this is even an issue. A practitioner of most other religions would not have to justify their religious practice in such a way and 2. that people in Pagan communities are saying (essentially) that because they haven’t seen it in their communities, it must not be a thing.


~ by sacredblasphemies on 12/05/2016.

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