Prayerful Attitude

I’ve been in a very contemplative Christian/Catholic mood lately and have been combining that with my worship of Brigid.
Being that She’s also a Catholic Saint, I felt it worked well.
There’s a contemplative ecumenical Christian community in France called Taize. They’re known for their devout evening worship which includes candlelight, the St. Francis Cross, and chants written by their community.
They’re simple devout chants and repetitive in various languages (Latin, German, English, French.) Sung prayerfully acapella in that candlelit intimate setting, you get a real sense of devotion. Here’s an example of one.
Naturally, most are very Christian-related but there are a few which can be adapted to Brigidine worship. Or that of your deity, depending upon the nature of the deity.
My altar is literally in my bedroom closet. Thankfully, it’s large enough for me to be able to sit in, close the door, and pray. Combined with candlelight, some incense (peat moss), and some chants playing, it helps me feel the bhava of devotion.
You can also do the same with Hindu kirtan, of course, if there’s one that calls to you. But I think it’s important to do this somewhere where you can shut yourself off from other people/distractions.
Nighttime is better for most people. Candlelight as the only light in the darkness automatically imbues a sense of intimacy.
I don’t pray like this every night, though that would be ideal. I try to do it once a week, though.
Just on a side note, I think prayerful music like Taize or the kirtans of Snatam Kaur have been really helpful for my morning and evening commutes. I take the subway into downtown which can be trying on my patience. But this helps me get into a prayerful mindset.
I just wish there were versions of these of Pagan deities. If I were musically inclined, I could do it myself.
UPDATE: I just found an even better example. “When the night becomes dark, Your love, O Lord, is a fire.”  This could easily be applied to many deities. Changing “Lord” to “Brigid” (pronounced ‘Breedg’) works perfectly.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 12/25/2016.

2 Responses to “Prayerful Attitude”

  1. I too resonate with this contemplative style of prayer, and love the Taize tradition. I too wish we Brighidines had more such devotional chants. Are you familiar with the Ceile De order out of Iona? They have a sacred chant tradition also, and sell cds of them. Some are specific to St. Brighid, and others are adaptable to Brighid as goddess (or to any deity). Theirs too is a contemplative tradition. I wish we had more contemplatives in our pagan and polytheist traditions.

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