Céile Dé: Fonn 4

Recently, I bought a CD of Irish, Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic chants from a Celtic Christian group called Céile Dé in Scotland. The chants are called fonn. I bought Fonn 4 because it had a bunch of chants specifically devoted to Brigid.

Unfortunately, the chants are not online. They’re not downloadable. Instead, you have to order it as a CD and have it shipped from Scotland. 

I did find this one on YouTube called Pirililou.

I’m glad I ordered it. The fonn have an Otherworldly feel about them. 

I’ve been listening to them and praying along while on public transit to and from work.

If you have an interest in Celtic religion, especially Celtic Christianity or Brigid-worship, I highly recommend Fonn 4.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 01/20/2017.

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