I’m Praying For You

I’ve been trying to get myself to pray for those that I might consider an enemy so that I do not fall into hatred.

Naturally, as a leftist egalitarian, right now, I’m praying for Donald Trump and his Cabinet and supporters.

When I lived in the Southeast, I heard people say “I’ll pray for you” in a nasty tone when they were confronted with someone they did not like (a non-Christian, a gay person, a Catholic).

It bothers me that prayer should be thought of in that way. That’s not why I’m doing this.

Admittedly, part of why I pray for these people is selfish. I want to feel compassion and love for them rather than hatred.

However, I honestly would like for their hearts to be opened…and for mine as well.

I genuinely want these people to be happy (providing, of course, that what makes them happy is the disenfranchising of myself or my people or allies). I want everyone to be prosperous, secure, to feel loved and have felt compassion for the suffering of others.

I don’t expect any of these people I pray for to have dramatic Ebenezer Scrooge-like epiphanies where they then repent. But I definitely believe that hearts and minds can be changed. Hearts can be opened by compassion when love and concern is present.

I’ve heard stories of white supremacists and former KKK members that were shown kindness and concern and left their hate groups.

I think we also have some hatred as well that I would like to work on personally so that I become a better person.

It’s a work-in-progress just as I myself am.

Also, I will pray for you, if you want me to.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 01/23/2017.

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