Last weekend, I went to the Women’s March here in Boston. I saw people from various religions represented, especially Christians. (Though there was one guy with a megaphone preaching from the Bible, the rest seemed to be progressive, feminist-friendly Christians. There are many such churches here in Boston.)

There were plenty of Quakers and UUs and, surprisingly, even a Muslim imam.


But I did not see any Pagans. At least, no organized group there as such.


This is something that bothered me. Yes, Paganism is wide and diverse..but outside of Hinduism, we’re the only other religion that worships goddesses. Additionally, most Pagans view women to be equal to men and Paganism has religious ties to feminism and women’s spirituality.


I felt something similar when I went to Boston Pride. There were several Christian groups there (again, this is Boston) and there was even a LGBT Catholic group there(!). But no Pagans.


I struggle with the idea of starting a group. As anyone who has followed my blog for a long time has seen, my religion changes. Nine months ago, I was devoutly into Aphrodite and gave Her regular worship. Then, I swing back towards Lord Ganesha, as I always do. Now, I’m a devout worshipper of Brigid.


This is not an attitude which is conducive to starting a group. Additionally, my worship is generally very intimate and private. I worship alone at my altar.


Yet, I feel strongly that there should be a Pagan presence at rallies like the Women’s March or Pride. Just to let people know that, hey, Paganism is here. Hell, if I had the time/means/health, I’d love to open a Pagan-run soup kitchen. Feed the hungry, the homeless, etc. (Yes, I’m unabashedly social justice-y, even if that’s become a bad word among some Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists.)


In my fantasy, I establish a Brigid shrine which is a soup kitchen by day, worship space at off-hours. In this fantasy, the keepers of the shrine/Brigid-related prayer group have a presence at such events.
But I need to work on my relationship with Her. I need to keep focusing on prayer. My relationship isn’t about what I want, but what She wants…but I do not have the sense to perceive what that is yet.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 01/25/2017.

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