I ask that you pardon the quality of my writing right now, I’m a little out of it.


Last night, I went into my bedroom to begin evening prayer right before going to bed, when I saw a mouse run across my floor and into my closet.


I sleep on the floor on a Japanese futon. But when I first saw the creature, I thought it was a rat and there’s no way I’m sleeping on the floor with a wild rat scurrying around. They will bite you in your sleep.


So it was a rough night without much sleep. I ended up sleeping on my recliner. It is much less accessible to floor rodents.


The following day, I went to check out where the mouse was coming from. There is a hole in the wall in my closet. Now, as I may have mentioned before… my shrine is in my closet.


Sure, half of it is used as a closet but it’s large enough to sit in and has shelves. The shelves are used as an altar (and storage). When checking out the closet side, it seemed (by the chewed up pieces of wood and droppings that the mouse had been there for a few days, possibly even a week or more. I had no idea it’d even been in my closet. No signs of anything in my room or in the shrine section of my closet. I did not see it or hear it.


Thankfully, I hadn’t been giving Brigid food offerings. I limit my offerings to alcohol (mead, whiskey, or cider).


My partner patched up the holes it was getting in temporarily. But I still need to dismantle my shrine for purification. My landlord or someone he hires will have to get in there and patch it more professionally. They’ll have shoes or probably boots on. I’ll have to store my sacred images elsewhere. It could be a few days before I return to regular worship.


There’s also another element to this. The mouse, of course, is the vahana (vehicle or mount) of Sri Ganapati (the elephant-headed god of Hinduism). I have worshipped Him on and off for years.


Now, the materialist in me automatically says “Look, it’s winter. It’s cold, it’s hungry. It was probably living in the basement but needed warmth and food and found a way into the closet through the walls.”


But the part of me that I’ve been trying to cultivate, the part that either believes or desperately wants to believe that the gods interact with us say “Dammit, this is a message from Sri Ganapati!”


He sent His messenger here and you shouldn’t ignore it. He wants attention!


The thought came that I should consult with a diviner but diviners don’t really work with Hindu deities in that way. At least not to my knowledge.
So my formal worship will be temporarily shut down for a bit. I’ll still do prayers from the heart. But my shrine room has been defiled with mouse droppings and I’m going to have to have strangers come in and patch holes in the wall and floor.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 02/15/2017.

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