The Iron Pill

I’ve been knee-deep in Radical Traditionalism.


First off, I am going to share The Iron Pill with you. This is absolutely terrible but so bad it’d be hilarious if not for the vicious racism and other bigotry.


The premise is simple. Some asshole buff white dude was given an “iron pill” by the gods and can use the power of Evropa and Volkisch to defeat his enemies (black people, feminists, Muslims).


Again, it’s terrible. I share it because it’s related to polytheism. It claims to represent European tradition and features our gods and cultures.


I’ve been trying to really immerse myself into Radical Traditionalism in order to really understand it. I’m also trying to embrace my own fascination with the traditional.
I find that I hit my personal wall when it comes to the disenfranchisement of a group due to it being ‘traditional’.  For example, India’s caste system. Tradition or not, an entire group of people being designated as “untouchable” due to how they were born seems like bullshit to me.

I understand it’s not my culture and there are a whole lot of problems with me, someone of European descent, making comments about ancient Indian traditions…but it’s where my love for tradition does not transcend my love of egalitarianism.

For something more closer to home, tradition-wise, I also have little regard for those who would use ‘tradition’ to subjugate women or to keep them in a lesser role, subservient to men (which probably explains why there aren’t too many women in the Pagan versions of radical traditionalism).

If women choose to be mothers or wives, that’s fantastic. I support them. But if men are able to opt out of fatherhood and be a tradesman or to balance the two, then so should women.

Some traditions are not meant for this modern world. To me, that’s one of them.

I’m waiting for the belief in the “four humours” approach to medicine to make a comeback among Pagans. You laugh, but if Westerners can accept aspects of Ayurveda or ingesting mercury as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (and some do), I imagine some Pagans will embrace it, claim it as ‘tradition’ and perhaps even make lots of money off of it.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 02/17/2017.

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