As some of you might have surmised based on my posts in the past month, I’ve been exploring traditionalism.


As mentioned earlier, I still maintain my belief in egalitarianism and, as a part of that, in racial and gender equality. That doesn’t mean that all people are equal only that they should be given the same opportunities without prejudice.


I am an ardent feminist and that simply will not go away. It’s one of the few things that so-called ‘modernism’ has done right. I would no sooner give up women’s equality or the equality of LGBTIQ people than I would give up modern medicine because, hey…that’s not traditional either.


That said, I feel as though we, as a society, are in dire shape. We’ve lost our values. We have sold our souls for money. We are destroying our beautiful planet for the resources. My interest in traditionalism speaks to that dire need within us to get away from the cancerous state our society is currently in.


I’ve been reading Tyr magazine. I wanted to understand what I considered to be ‘the enemy’ (i.e., racist groups, folkish groups) only to find that I found a lot that I liked. I’ve been reading Alain de Benoist (one of the founders of the Nouvelle Droite (or French “New Right”). I’m enjoying it.


As a socialist and an egalitarian, I will never be on the Right but it’s good to challenge my assumptions.


While I respect traditional religion, I am wary of people (in particular, Pagans or polytheists) that seek to practice the religion of their ancestors but seek to separate themselves from people not of their ancestry or with a gender identity or sexuality that is not their own. The gods call whom they call. It is not up to us to judge.


It is then when I feel such groups are more about racial identity and actual racism than about the gods/spirits/ancestors. But that could just be the leftist in me.


Additionally, since Maha ShivaRatri recently passed, I’ve been feeling a pull back towards Hinduism and worshipping the Hindu deities. Part of this is coinciding with ‘tradition’. Also, Sri Ganapati has been on my mind ever since the incident with the mouse (which I thought could perhaps be a sign from Him).  


Having purified my room and shrine area completely, I have reconstructed and reconsecrated my shrine to Sri Ganapati (Ganesha) and one to His parents: Shiva and Devi.


I’ve been on a heavy kick of listening to Shiva kirtans on my commutes to and from work.


Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to:

Krishna Das: “Om Namah Shivaya”

Namaste: “Shiva Shambho” and “Jaya Shiva Shankara”

Snatam Kaur (live): “Shivoham”

~ by R.M. McGrath on 02/27/2017.

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