Even More Not About You!

Recently, I was rereading sections of “The Master Course Trilogy” by the Himalayan Academy, which is linked to a Hindu monastery. (They also publish Hinduism Today, a decent magazine.)


They put out a trilogy of books about Shiva (Dancing With Siva, Living With Siva, and Merging With Siva). The three of them are big thick books that are available for free to read online. (There’s also an excellent book on Sri Ganapati called “Loving Ganesa” which is also available for free.)


It impressed me that they focus on living life morally and gave various restrictions for morality (such as not swearing, eating vegetarian, being honest, moderate eating, etc.)  In the past, when I first read these books, this sort of morality made me lose interest in the series. I did not want to be told what to do. I thought I was above such moralizing.


As I travel through middle-age and my spiritual practice deepens in maturity and wisdom, I find these taking on more significance for me personally. It’s odd for someone who used to be in the OTO and party all night on shrooms and MDMA to now be concerned about morality and temperance. However, I’ve lived my life in frivolity. I find that I actually crave moral restriction because I want to live a better life and a life that brings me closer to Them.


I find myself relating to the Polytheist movement because they take their religion seriously and I love seeing polytheistic religion finally being taken seriously by its adherents.


As Pagans, I think we have an opportunity here to re-invent morality. But not into the lax hippie-dippie ‘do what feels good, man’ mentality that characterized early Neo-Paganism but out of sincere belief, devotion, and desire to be closer to the gods.  

(That said, I am not completely in agreement with some of the teachings in the Master Course Trilogy regarding morality which tend to sometimes echo Christian family values. But I like that they are morals that are polytheistic in origin and are ancient.)

~ by sacredblasphemies on 02/27/2017.

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