On Islam

John Beckett wrote a great impassioned piece about how he feels anti-Muslim attitudes are not the way to go and are not welcomed on his feed.

Here’s the thing: The problem isn’t Islam itself, it’s fundamentalism. Violent fundamentalism can manifest in practitioners of any religion. Even Buddhism and, yes, even Paganism.

Daesh wants us to demonize all Muslims because it plays right into their narrative. Both Daesh and anti-Muslims like Bannon want another “crusade” with Islam vs. Christianity.

Daesh wants to convince all of Islam that the West is the enemy and they must be fought. Bannon and other anti-Muslims want to convince the West that Islam is the enemy and they must be fought.

We can disarm Daesh’s narrative by welcoming Muslims and treating them with love and respect. Yes, there might be some wannabe terrorists that try to sneak in. Perhaps we’ll cause them to rethink their actions if they’re treated with love and respect. (OK, that’s a long shot.)

If we treat Muslims like the enemy, they will become the enemy (or sympathetic to them).

Muslims that move here are likely not to be extremists already (as they’re escaping from Daesh). Some will even become more moderate when living in a secular and diverse society exposed to different ideas and morals. (Or their kids will become moderate.)

We have nothing to gain by treating Muslims as the enemy. No more than we have by treating Christians as such. The real enemy is fundamentalism and that thrives in isolation, in homogeneous societies, and in intolerance.

I have some issues with the way liberal secularism destroys traditional culture, but at the same time what it does best is to soften the hard edges on rough intolerant extremist religions. (Other than, say, the Amish or Orthodox Jews, who form their own communities  outside of our own culture.)

Capitalism and materialism dangle pretty things close at hand and creates desire. Which can often lead people away from extremist religion.

Let’s use this tool for good and let our diverse liberal secular capitalist materialist culture grind down the sharp edges of Islam. Let’s encourage LGBT Islam! Feminist Islam! It’s what Daesh fears most. Much more than any threat of war.

I don’t wish to destroy Islam. Traditional Islam will continue in other places. But welcoming Muslims here and treating them with respect (as we should all people, regardless of religions, especially guests and refugees) is not only in our best interest but it’s the right thing to do morally (in my opinion).


~ by sacredblasphemies on 02/28/2017.

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