More on Lalita

As usual, once I get back to worshipping Sri Ganapati, I cannot help but turn towards His Mother and ours, Devi. (Sri Lalita Devi)


The more I keep going back to Shaktism, the deeper I fall in love with it..and Her.


I’ve posted about Her before (Lalita) but I love that there are sacred poems like the Saundarya Lahari devoted to Her worship and ancient forms of worship like the daily recitation of the Lalita Pancharatnam, which one can find recordings of on YouTube and English translations. Or the Lalita Sahasranamam (the 1000 Names of Lalita) which is recited by women at a nearby Devi temple every Friday night. It is a litany of names/attributes of Devi. (Unfortunately, I can’t get there by public transit and have no car. Plus, I work Friday nights, so I can’t even take a Zipcar.)


I’d like to learn the Sri Vidya. I’ve been looking at a ritual called the Khadgamala (“Sword-Garland”) Stotram which is a recitation of the names of the various goddesses worshipped on the Sri Yantra before reaching Sri Lalita Devi at the bindu, the point. The goddesses, of course, like all of us…are all aspects of Devi.


Thankfully, the Khadgamala Stotram (KS) has also been recorded by the Priya Sisters much like the Lalita Pancharatnam and Lalita Sahasranamam. It can be found on YouTube or on services like Google Play Music. This is a great tool to let one know how the Sanskrit names are pronounced. Then, one can also find resources online (such as at Shakti Sadhana, which has a whole section of material on the KS).


I have yet to recite the 1000 names (Sahasranamam) myself. The Priya Sisters track is 30 minutes long and they go very fast. However, I do listen to it sometimes in my commute to or from work. Especially on Fridays which are devoted to Her worship.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I enjoy observing Catholic culture. I love how prayer and devotion are still an everyday practice for some Catholics. Lately, we got a basic form of cable television that brought us not one but TWO different Catholic TV stations. I enjoy watching the various televised prayers on them. The Rosary or The Chaplet of St. Michael or other similar prayers.


It makes me wish that there were similar television programs in English devoted to helping people learn Devi worship and make it a part of their everyday routine. A sort of hand-holding guide geared towards teaching Western Goddess-worshippers how to practice Shaktism.


I really enjoy programs like the “Master Course” devoted to Shiva offered by Himalayan Academy. It is geared towards Westerners and helps to orient them through Hinduism.
I wish there were such a program for Devi. I still feel like an imposter, despite my practice.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 04/04/2017.

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