Into the Mystic: On Prayer

My 2nd piece over at Pagan Bloggers is up.

(Actually, it’s been up for a bit, I’d forgotten to crosspost it here though.)

It’s about prayer and it’s long. Check it out.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 04/23/2017.

4 Responses to “Into the Mystic: On Prayer”

  1. This piece is really helpful for distinguishing between different types of prayer and suggesting ways that polytheists might pray. Prayer is a really difficult area as we’ve got so little evidence of how people in ancient polytheistic traditions prayed.

    I’ve never used prayer beads and think I’d struggle with silence. I occasionally ask for help, but for me prayer is more about establishing a dialogue with a deity. Is there a type of prayer based around dialogue? Even though in Brythonic Polytheism we don’t have texts regarded as sacred I’ve used medieval Welsh literature featuring the gods and goddesses as a source of meditation that has led to initiation into their mythologies.

    PS. I couldn’t comment on Pagan Bloggers. The site seems to have the irritating habit of disabling the comments box after a day or too. Any way that can be changed?


    • Hey, Lorna! Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, there most definitely is prayer based upon dialogue. Though often many people have trouble hearing the other side of the conversation.
      From what I can tell on my end, the comment thing not really a thing that the authors have any control over. I would suggest bringing it to the attention of Jamie Morgan, the editor, though. I’ve looked on my end (as an author) and don’t really see a setting that would change that.


  2. Excellent! I hope it fosters some good discussion!


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