Ancestor Worship

Lately, I have been feeling the pull of ancestor veneration. That’s probably pretty obvious considering my recent posts about my heritage.


I went down to NJ to help my father move out of his old house during his 70th birthday this weekend. He was going to get rid of all of our old photo albums and other personal effects that it hurt him too much to be reminded of. (My mother passed back in 1999 but it’s still painful for him to look at those photos.)


Naturally I took as much as I could, including photo albums, my mother’s old artwork, wall-hangings from the house I grew up in, a painting by my great-great-grandfather, and the afghan my great-grandmother knitted for my mother.


I wish I had had more time. I wanted to do some grave visitings. I feel like a bad descendant sometimes because I pretty much never get to Jersey. There are even some graves I’ve never visited.


I haven’t seen my paternal grandmother’s grave since she passed (though I saw it often as a kid after my grandfather passed). I haven’t seen either of the great-grandmothers that I knew. I’d like to change that.


The photos will help me start on this path. This, to me, seemed like an excellent omen. As if the gods were opening up this path for me.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 06/07/2017.

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