Aphrodite Ritual

I haven’t been writing a lot about my worship lately. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing it.

I’ve been worshipping Aphrodite every Friday.


After I shower in the morning, I make khernips (lustral water) to rid myself of miasma. I wash my hands in it and sprinkle the khernips water on my face and body. I light candles (including a beeswax candle) and an olive oil lamp. I dab some holy anointing oil that smells of rose made by local Franciscan friars on my wrists and head.


I offer Her cold fresh water, mead, the lamp/candles and myrrh resin incense over charcoal. Sometimes I’ll play tracks from Layne Redmond’s album “Invoking Aphrodite”. Especially the title track (or the dance track version) and/or “The Call” (which is a repeated litany of Her names).


I’ll read the Orphic Hymns devoted to Her.


Then I talk plainly, thanking Her for Her presence, making requests, if any.


I sit and listen for a bit to see if I hear anything. Sometimes, I think I do.


I’m also looking to erect an altar to Dionysus and an ancestor altar. I’m currently reading Galina Krasskova’s book on ancestor worship for opening steps in that direction.


I know what to offer family members that I was especially close with but not older ones that I never knew well or only knew as a child.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 06/16/2017.

One Response to “Aphrodite Ritual”

  1. Very cool! I’ve just started working with the Theoi, and so far Zeus is the only one I’ve specifically invoked. But I have had Aphrodite in the back of my mind, and I know I’ll get around to working with her. In fact, I’m thinking of taking a day to invoke all the Theoi, just to introduce myself and to listen to what each has to say, individually. Keep posting; I’m interested in what your experiences are with specific deities.


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