I’ve been slowly working on my Aphrodite shrine. It needs more work. But here’s where I’m at now:

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There’s a brass statue of Her. A framed print from Lykeia’s Botanica. The statue has assorted seashells at Her feet (not visible). There is an iridescent organza with a wire that connects lit stars surrounding the statue. This is in honor both of Aphrodite being born from the sea and associated with the sea as well as Aphrodite Ourania (of the Heavens).

There is a small round mirror in front of the framed image, a sacred symbol of Hers.

A small glass full of olive oil has a floating wick on cork as a light.

A basket in the front carries purple hibiscus flowers from my front yard.

Not seen in the photo:

  • A censer that I burn myrrh and other resinous incenses in over smoldering charcoal.
  • A ceramic cup for mead offerings.
  • A glass for offering cold water.
  • An Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite that I read to Her devotionally.


~ by R.M. McGrath on 08/04/2017.

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