Real Polytheism

I’ve had a real problem in the past with polytheism in practice.


What I mean is that I’m a polytheist (in theory and belief) but often end up focusing on one or two or three deities at a time.


For example, my worship of Brighid did not incorporate other deities from Gaelic Polytheism. When I worshipped Hindu deities, it would be restricted to Sri Ganapati (Ganesha) and His parents, Shiva and Sri Lalita Devi.


As a Hellenic polytheist, I’m trying to expand my horizons and not just limit myself exclusively to Aphrodite (though She is whom I am devoted to). I wasn’t exactly sure how to do this until the recent interview that Galina Krasskova did on her blog, Gangleri’s Grove, with Emily Kamp.


Kamp runs a blog called Home, Hearth, and Heart on tumblr devoted to Hestia that was mentioned in the interview. I checked it out and really enjoyed it. It’s updated daily and includes prayers to different Hellenic deities each day.


The prayer recommendations are from Drew Campbell and the prayers themselves are from the Orphic Hymns. I’m not a fan of the translations linked to on HHH as it’s rhyming archaic English often with Roman god names substituted for the Hellenic ones. I prefer the translations by Apostolos Athanassakis. But this site gives me a good template on which gods to pray to and when.


Additionally, the Orphic Hymns also suggest which incense is a good offering for that deity (which ties in perfectly with my interest in resinous incenses mentioned in my previous post). I recently got a sampler pack that has benzoin (storax), frankincense, myrrh, and other traditional resin incenses.

This helps me where I’m focusing upon and praying to (and giving offerings to) various Hellenic deities as part of a daily devotional practice.

My fear, though, is that I’ll finally get into a rhythm for about a month and then will have to stop. I have surgery scheduled for right around the time of the Autumnal Equinox. I’m sure I won’t be in well-enough condition for a few days after surgery.


I hope that I’m able to pick up where I left off in my worship.

~ by R.M. McGrath on 08/07/2017.

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