Italian Folk Magic

I was recently introduced to the site “Italian Folk Magic” by Mallorie Vaudoise and I have to say that I am really digging it.

Longtime readers will know that though I am no longer Catholic, I have a deep love of the devotions, the traditions, the venerations of the saints, the feasts, the processions, the prayer that I’ve found in my local Italian-American community as well as throughout Italian Catholicism.

Vaudoise’s blog explores a lot of those. Today I listened to her interview on the Bespoken Bones podcast and this is very much in my wheelhouse.

It makes me want to learn Italian so I can visit my great-grandmother’s town in Foggia, Italy, and experience the traditions of the area.

I especially enjoyed her take on “Stregheria” .

I don’t know that I would consider what I do to be “magic”, per se, but I love the idea of Italian Catholic devotion and prayer to the Madonnas and the Saints without being Catholic, necessarily. (Or, in my case, even Christian.)


~ by sacredblasphemies on 11/08/2017.

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